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Barolo wine Route: a motorcycle tour of great food and wine excellence

Point of departure and arrival is Alba, the historic city of the Hundred Towers: here you will find historic stores, gastronomies and museums. We recommend a short walk through the historic center, or a short stay in one of the various accommodations to fully enjoy its beauty and attractions.
From Alba we continue on to Diano d’Alba, the first of the small villages we will encounter on our route: from here the road begins to become narrower and more winding, opening up into spectacular panoramic views. Impossible not to be enraptured.
Continuing on, we pass through Castiglione Falletto, Monforte d’Alba and Dogliani, three small villages: those who have the time and the opportunity to stop will find a wide selection of restaurants, stores and wineries waiting for them, run by people who have made food and wine and hospitality a way of life.

Barolo wine TourRight at this point of the tour the most scenic and exciting stretch opens up for all two-wheel riding enthusiasts.

You will find sinuous and continuous curves cutting hillsides that look like real panoramic terraces, stretching as far as the eye can see over a sea of vineyards.
The road takes us to Barolo and La Morra: two towns that certainly need no introduction, located in close proximity to each other. Impossible not to stop to savor the specialties of the area or for a visit to one of the very famous wineries: for a complete list of all the facilities afferent to the organization of the Strada del Barolo e grandi vini di Langa (hotels, restaurants, wineries, museums, etc.) we refer to the organization’s website.

Barolo wine Tour
Following what-we are sure-will be a journey into the heart of the land of great wines, we inevitably make our way back to Alba.

For everyone who wants to indulge in one last visit, we suggest to visit the small village of Roddi. Here you will find the Alba white truffle museum, an open-air multimedia museum set up in the streets of the historic center, near the ancient castle: a truly scenic museum, composed of a series of artistic installations related to the history, legends, science, and gastronomy of truffles.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to get in the saddle and hit the road? The lands of Barolo and great wines are waiting for you! You don’t have a motorcycle but would still like to venture on these roads on a two-wheeled vehicle?

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