Quattro Big Bench imperdibili tra Alba e Asti! Scoprile e parti per una nuova avventura con Unicar Rent!

Big Benches n. 23, Neive (CN)

Located just outside the center of Neive, this emerald green bench offers a unique view of the Roero area. Park your car and you can reach it in a few moments by taking a small downhill road. We also strongly recommend a short stop at the village of Neive, a small pictoresque hamlet that has been included in the list of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages since 2017.

Big Bench n. 26, Coazzolo (AT)

Just outside the small town of Coazzolo is the second Big Bench on our itinerary, marked by a vibrant blue color. From here you can admire the entire surrounding panorama: a pleasant view of the rolling hills of the Asti area and the village of Neive, which you have just passed.

Big Bench n. 191, Castiglione Tinella (AT)

This Big Bench will give you a truly magnificent view of the famous Moscato vineyards of the Asti area. Commissioned by the Association Bottega del Vino Moscato of Castiglione Tinella, the installation of this brand new yellow-green bench has allowed the transformation of a disused corner into a large, clean and colorful area that will give a pleasant stop point. This truly unique vantage point offers an exceptional view of Calosso (with its castle and aqueduct tower), Castiglione Tinella and the beautiful Sanctuary of Madonna del Buon Consiglio.

Big Bench n. 17, Costigliole d’Asti – Località Bricco (AT)

The orange Big Bench in Costigliole d’Asti – Placed on top of Bricco Lù – offers a 360-degree view of the famous Barbera areas. Conveniently accessible by car, it can be the arrival or departure point of your tour to discover the big benches between Alba and Asti. As previous said, let your imagination and desire free to guide you!

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